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Spruce Up Your Patio Furniture and Picnic Tables for One Last Summer Party!

The first Labor Day was way back in 1882, established to honor the contributions of hard-working Americans all over the country.

It’s a day to sit back, relax and reflect on the long days, the late nights and the weekend working that we’ve all had to put in at some point. Over the years, Labor Day has evolved to being a time to spend with friends and family as the summer draws to close and as school begins again.

And what better way to celebrate the holiday than in your backyard, on your patio or around your picnic table? If you’re outdoor designs are hurting a little due to a busy summer schedule – don’t worry. Here are some ideas for how to spruce up your patio furniture and picnic tables for one last summer party:

  • Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements – adding a centerpiece or floral arrangement is a quick way to add color to a picnic table or patio table. Good House Keeping has some beautiful ideas, and since flowers are usually available at any local grocery store or farmer’s market, you can just add them to your Labor Day grocery shopping list.


  • New cushions and/or pillows – It may seem counter-intuitive to buy new cushions for your outdoor furniture, but it’s actually a great time to buy because they’re on sale (including on So if your outdoor furniture’s cushions are looking a little sun-bleached, think about getting new ones and show them off at your Labor Day party!
  • Container Garden – Big, leafy, colorful plants in containers bring color and texture to your outdoor designs. The best part: if you’re in a pinch – like a little more than a week away from hosting a party – you can swing by a Home Depot and pick up some already-grown plants and arrange them in a little under an hour. Better Homes and Gardens has some tips on how to make a container garden that really shines.

container garden

  • Unique outdoor furniture accent pieces – Unique accent pieces can be found in antique stores, at yard sales or at garden specialty stores. They’re great conversation starters if you’re hosting a party where not everyone knows each other. And, they can add color and light to your outdoor design, as seen with these glowing outdoor luminary globes.

There’s a little more than a week left until Labor Day so start your shopping list! For more outdoor design inspiration and to see everything that Fifthroom has to offer, from patio furniture to picnic tables to pergola kits, visit

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5 Parties You Can Have at the Picnic Table

Your backyard represents a sacred space where family and friends come together, share some fruit salad, swap grilling methods and catch up on life. It’s a place where corn hole and horseshoes are freely played and the competition between parents and kids is stiff.

Picture your family get-togethers: what’s at the center of them?

Most likely it’s a table – covered with lunch, dinner, snacks, crafts or cards. It’s a gathering place with plenty of room to squeeze in one more person. It’s you’re little, one day vacation.

Knowing that many-a-memory has been made in the backyard, we wanted to highlight 5 parties you can have at the picnic table. And if you’re in the market for one, check out your options – which currently have HUGE discounts with our end-of-summer sale. Some tables’ sales prices are hundreds of dollars less than before! (Plus FREE SHIPPING and no sales tax for all states other than Pennsylvania).

1. A baby shower – ah, the circle of life. With July, August and September having the highest birth rates, the outdoor baby shower is perfect for those late summer/early fall babies. Taking the baby shower out of the country club and into your backyard allows you to have an intimate gathering, eat pink or blue cupcakes and celebrate a new life.

Baby Shower Picnic Table


2. Last weekend of summer break party (a.k.a. first day of school party) – Set the table and enjoy the low-key life before soccer games, cheerleading practice and band rehearsals start. Get a full check list that will help you throw the ultimate late summer backyard party.


3. Labor Day party – The chances to bust out your red, white and blue tableware and decorations are dwindling for 2015. Labor Day is Monday, September 7 this year, so starting planning on what kind of party you’re going to throw and how you’re going to decorate the backyard and picnic table. Patriotic? Nautical? Beach themed? Here are a few ideas.

4. Wedding – There are so, so many options with having an outdoor wedding! You can use burlap to accent picnic tables and chairs for a country-themed wedding, or personalize your tables with the couple’s last name initial. Pinterest is loaded with great ideas.

wedding picinic tables


5. Brunch Party – Invite some friends over mid-morning on Sunday and have a brunch party! For ideas, like how to set up a bubbly station and the best toppings for your waffle station, check out this blog.


If you’re thinking of having a party like these, be sure to head over to and order your picnic table soon!

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Fanback porch swing

Video Spotlight: Treated Pine Fanback Porch Swing

The Video Spotlight Series highlights videos from the YouTube channel. These videos give you a chance to take a multi-dimensional look at our furniture and structures.

Porch swings add a space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors on a sunny morning or breezy evening after dinner. While they definitely add curb appeal to front porches, these swings are more about the experience. Countless people have had long conversations, held hands and enjoyed a cup of coffee on porch swings.

Check out the video below of the Treated Pine Fanback Porch Swing, which:

  • Features contoured deep seating, which provides comfort (with one customer calling it “the most comfortable swing I have ever sat in”)
  • Includes galvanized bolts, washers, nuts and chains, making it sturdy
  • Comes in multiple lengths
  • Assembles easily
  • Features an exclusive design that can only be found at

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos or visit the porch swing section of to order one today.



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Summer Color Trends for 2015

Summer Color Trends for 2015

With a little more than two months left in the summer of 2015, we’re checking in on which color trends are really heating up across the U.S. when it comes to outdoor living.

While the classic black/white/grey pallet is a safe bet, these color trends are sure to brighten a few outdoor parties. Check them out:

Lime – At first thought, the color lime can seem a bit . . . sour. Don’t shy away! Lime is actually a great accent color for outdoor spaces. It’s bright and it easily complements a variety of other colors you might have in your outdoor area, including white, grey, navy and orange.

lime Coral – Coral made the list because it works in so many different styles, from vintage to contemporary. Its versatility means you can use it as a dominant color (seating cushions, umbrellas) or as an accent color (pillows, flowers, candles).

All shades of blue – From nautical blue to teal to navy blue, blue is in for the summer. The blue spectrum is preferred by many because it can easily fit in with whatever color scheme or theme you’re working with, whether you’re going for a starch masculine appeal or a hint of femininity, blue just works.  Some have even gone as far to say that blue is the new black!blue

Marsala – as you might remember, earlier in 2015 the Pantone Institute named marsala the color of the year. Pantone describes it as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red, marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls,” which makes it the perfect color for using in an outdoor living area. Marsala can be elegant, yet natural, so it can work whether you’re looking to decorate a gazebo with a chandelier or a pergola surrounded by natural landscaping.

Looking for more color inspiration? Try these three bold color combinations for your outdoor space.


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assemble cabana

Video Spotlight: How to Assemble a Cabana

The Video Spotlight Series highlights videos from the YouTube channel. These videos give you a chance to take a multi-dimensional look at our furniture and structures.


Adding a large structure such as a pergola, cabana or gazebo to your outdoor living area creates a whole new space to relax and connect with family and friends – beyond the living room or dining room table. So, once you decide to order a structure, you just need to get it standing and then you’ll be ready to enjoy it for years to come.

Sound intimidating? You can do it in just a day. Fifthroom’s structures and furniture are designed so it’s easy to assemble things like a cabana. Still doubting it? Here’s how to assemble a cabana. Follow the steps or watch the video to see how it’s done!

  1. Organize the kit: As the cabana kit arrives, remove the pieces from the truck and stack like pieces together: keep roof pieces with roof pieces and walls with walls. All pieces have numbers on them, which tell you what order to assemble them.
  2. Lay a foundation: To start assembling, build from the ground up. You’ll need to decide what foundation type you’d like. The video below shows a double, 2 x 12 support beam system with a gravel bed. Form the floor structure by assembling the four to six small floor sections that attach together.
  3. Add walls: With the floor in place, set the pre-assembled walls using a nail gun or the included screws from the inside. Secure the walls from the outside using the nail gun or included screens. Match the corners by setting them up so they come to a point. You’ll add trim pieces later.
  4. Install the roof support: Once the walls are in place, you’re going to add the roof to the cabana. Start with the angled 2 x 6 roof plates. Fit all four pieces together at the four corners of the structure.
  5. Prep for the roof: Next comes the fascia boards. You’ll need a 50 percent split to provide enough support for the roof. Measure the board and put a mark half way so you know where to attach it to the roof plates.
  6. Add the trim: Now add the trim to the wall corners. Use the included finishing nails.
  7. Raise the roof: Add the roof panels. Start with the long pieces first, then add the smaller pieces.
  8. Seal the roof: Cap the joints of the roof using tar paper. Add the provided shingles over the tar paper, and install the cupola by placing it over the ridge.
  9. Add the finishing touches to the inside: Now finish the inside by securing the provided panels.
  10. Add the finishing touches to the outside: Install the window options. In the video, shutters are shown.

Watch the video to see how it’s done:

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos.



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gazebo chandelier

5 DIY Backyard Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Committing to a home or backyard project can be daunting. How much time will it take? How much will it cost? Will I be able to get anything else done while I’m doing it, or will it become all-consuming?

Well, while some homeowner projects can end up eating a ton of time and money (i.e. kitchen renovations), there are some that you can crank out in as little as a Saturday afternoon, and after a few hours, you’ve enhanced your outdoor living space. For some ideas, here are five do-it-yourself backyard projects you can do this weekend.

  1. Hang a chandelier in your outdoor space: This is a great project to turn your outdoor space into an outdoor living You can hang a chandelier on a porch, in a gazebo or from a pergola to add some design and elegance to the structure. Here are instructions on how to do it. You can even check out one of Fifthroom’s gazebos with a beautiful chandelier on Houzz!

gazebo chandelier

2. Add a climbing plant to your pergola for some extra shade: This is a two-step project that requires a little researching and planning on the front end. First, you should figure out the right plant based on the climate you live in, which you can learn more about here. The plant options range from vines to flowers, perennials to annuals. Once you decide the type of plant you want, plant it about one and half feet away from the pergola and secure it to the structure with garden wire to train it to grow onto the structure.

3. Build a raised garden bed: This is a good project if your soil hasn’t been fruitful in the past. It requires a few building materials and if you build it close to your back patio, you can use it to easily access fruits and vegetables while cooking.

4. Add curtains to your gazebo, cabana or porch: Curtains keep the sun and rain out of your outdoor living space, and add some privacy. They’re good for the hot Texas sun or rainy summer nights in the Northeast U.S. They can be easy to make, especially if you follow these no sew drop cloth curtain directions.

cabana curtains5. Install landscape lighting: This project can vary in difficulty, depending on the type of lights you want to install, but can be done in day. The easiest thing to do would be to get solar lights, which don’t require wiring. If you’d like brighter lighting, which would require some wiring, check out this tutorial.

If you’re thinking about a larger project that will take longer than a weekend, read our story about how a family from Louisiana came together to build a gazebo.


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Video Spotlight: Treated Pine Picnic Tables

The Video Spotlight Series highlights videos from the YouTube channel. These videos give you a chance to take a multi-dimensional look at our furniture.

If you’re in the market for a new picnic table, you probably already know that there are tons of options out there. You need to decide on the size, material, stain, and style before committing to a piece. After all, the table will probably host countless holiday picnics, spontaneous dinners outside, and summer game nights.

Whether you’re going to use the picnic table as patio furniture or for backyard space, we’ve put together a Video Spotlight of Treated Pine Picnic Tables to help you make the best decision. Check out the videos below, or visit to browse other outdoor furniture and place your order today.

Treated Pine Wide Picnic Table with 4 Backed Benches

This heavy duty, 43-plus inches wide picnic table comes with four backed benches, great for a get-together with friends. It’s available in multiple lengths, and there’s an option to add a 2-inch umbrella hole at no charge, so you can use this for patio furniture or put it in your backyard and add an umbrella for shade.


Treated Pine Trestle Picnic Table

The trestle picnic table is great for a home or business. Businesses like it because it’s durable and the benches can be tucked underneath so you can maximize your outdoor space when the table is not in use.

Treated Pine Hexagon Picnic Table

With the hexagon shape, this picnic table can seat six people, has a width of 60 inches, and includes a trim on each side so it’s smooth to the touch. This shape is excellent for game nights or lunches or dinners.


Treated Pine Picnic Table with Attached Benches

This is a classic model that has carried exclusively for years and many businesses, homeowners and public parks have purchased it. With a solid, wide, 2×6 design on the table top, benches and legs, it’s a high-quality, sturdy picnic table that will be ready for use for years to come.


Treated Pine Octagon Walk In Picnic Table

Walk in” means there are spaces between the benches on each of the eight sides so you can walk in and sit down, so you don’t have to climb over the benches to sit down.

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos.

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10 Pinners to Follow for Outdoor Inspiration

From landscaping to pergola and gazebo decorations, these pinners have everything you need to jump-start your outdoor design creativity.

Pinterest launched in 2010, and in a period of five years, haspinterest1 reached more than 47 million pinners world-wide, including us. It allows us to collect ideas and share outdoor projects quicker than ever before. Here are our top 10 Pinners to Follow for Outdoor Inspiration.

  1. California Home and Design – This California-based website covers everything from art to architecture to home design. They believe that design is personal, and that’s reflected in their pins, which highlight unique indoor and outdoor living spaces. Our favorite boards include go outside and in and out.
  2. Anna Eberhart – With over 97,000 followers, Anna Eberhart pins ideas for gardening, crafts, and lots of holiday decorating and baking. Out of her large variety of 286 boards, our favorites are Celebrate*OUTDOOR PARTIES* and Garden*Greenhouses*Potting*Sheds*Gazebo.pinterest2
  3. Better Homes and Gardens – With a tag of “Life in Color,” BHG is doing it right on Pinterest. From bright pink lemonade to radiating red roses, their pins prove there is life beyond classic white. Our favorite boards are Gorgeous Garden Plants and Curb Appeal.
  4. Architectural Digest – Not too long ago, great architecture could only be seen by those with the means and time to travel to see it in-person. Now, Architectural Digest is doing the traveling for us and showing us the best designs in the world, with pins showcasing indoor and outdoor living from New York, Paris, London, L.A., Miami and more. The boards that we like include Home + Spaces You Love and Indoor-Outdoor Living.


  1. Lush Little Landscapes – Specializing in miniature and fairy gardens, Lush Little Landscapes also pins creative “Life Size” garden ideas that are applicable to gardens large and small, rural and urban. Our favorite life size board is LLL Life-Size Inspiration for Miniature Gardens.
  2. Decoholic – The mastermind behind Decoholic’s boards is Melina Divani, who says interior design is her infinite passion. She has Pinterest boards that are dedicated to making indoor and outdoor living the comforting, welcoming place it should be. Our favorite boards include Outdoor and home décor ideas (pull up a seat for this board – it’s a shared board with more than 1,600 pinners and has 58,000+ pins).
  3. Justina Blakeney –  Justina Blakeney runs a lifestyle blog, just released a new book and has over 1.2 million followers. Her style uses bright colors – so much red, orange and yellow! — and a mix-and-match approach, making her projects and home design feel fun, funky and freeing. Our favorite boards are Patio Overhaul and the Great Outdoors.  pinterest4
  4. The fuller view – Boston-based David Fuller is a designer and photographer with a wide range of visual capacity, from fashion to interior design to landscapes. His pins showcase truly stunning pictures of how beautiful life can be. Our favorite boards are g a r d e n s and p o r c h.
  5. House Beautiful Magazine – Whether you’re decorating your summer home by the lake, renovating your kitchen in the suburbs or redecorating your kids’ rooms, House Beautiful Magazine has a few ideas you could use. Their huge Outdoor Spaces board is one of our favorites.
  6. Richard Von Arthur LaRue – Chicago-based Art Director and design philanthropist pins as a hobby, and has caught the eye of more than half a million His architecture and design finds are awe-inspiring. Our favorite boards are Inhabited Sculpture and Details Make the Room.

You can follow on Pinterest to see what we’re pinning and be inspired to beautify your outdoor living areas. Or, if you’re ready to buy some outdoor furniture, head over to



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How to Design a Gazebo in 9 Steps

How to use’s Award-winning Design Wizard

Design a landscape structure from the ground up using’s Design Wizard, our award-winning online tool. You can even work with dedicated project advisors, in-house architects and designers free of charge. To help you through the process, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to using our Design Wizard to design a Gazebo:

Continue reading

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