3 Bold Color Combinations For Your Outdoor Space

Move over spring – because summer is right around the corner! That means it’s time to trade those blasé spring pastels in for some enticing summer bolds! Transform the look of your outdoor space by infusing one of these bold color combinations into your furniture and outdoor decor:

  1. Black and Golden Yellow

Combine these dramatic colors for a winning combination within your outdoor living space. The lemon exudes happiness and brightens up the space while the black packs an unexpected punch. Look at how the yellow vase next to Fifthroom.com’s black Ash Porch Swing creates a fierce, striking combination:

Fifthroom.com's Ash Porch Swing
Fifthroom.com’s Ash Porch Swing

Add décor with combinations of simple colors like black and white to your newly designed space. A black and white umbrella or yellow flowers go well with this new theme.

  1. Citrus Colors

Fruity colors like deep red, light green, bright yellow, and hot orange pair well together! These tangy colors will match the heat of the sun forming a relaxing, yet upbeat space that’s made for outdoor entertaining. Our 32” x 36” Cypress Folding Table and Two Chairs comes in a variety of fun colors. This one is shown in Coral.

Fifthroom.com’s Cypress Folding Table and Two Chairs

Add white decor to serve as an accent. Try using a white Moroccan-style lantern, bright stringed lights over top, or sparkling white plates for an ultra feminine and soothing touch.

  1. Tropical Pairings

One of the most bold color pairings this season is mixing fiery reds with icy blues! Use these colors in everything from décor to furniture to establish a powerful, tropical setting. Blue pillows below a red umbrella like our Polyester model create an exciting theme for your outdoor space.

Fifthroom.com’s Polyester Umbrella


Our umbrellas are available in 8 colors; so you could alternatively position a navy-colored umbrella over a red outdoor sofa.

Looking for more outdoor living ideas? Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts that cover the best outdoor living trends, DIY ideas, and expert advice.

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3 Outside Memorial Day Party Ideas

For us Outdoor Living experts, Memorial Day is one of the most fun holidays of the entire year. Because it occurs in late May, the weather is prime for an outdoor party. And, you know what that means…we’ve got plenty of ways to host the ultimate Memorial Day party outside:

  1. Serve up a feast in your outdoor room

Impress your guests with an outdoor space you can be proud of. Imagine the looks on your guest’s faces as they walk underneath our Custom 14’ x 18’ Treated Pine Rectangular Double Roof Gazebo. They will be floored.

14x18-Treated-Pine-Rectangular-Double-Roof-Gazebo for the ultimate Memorial Day party

Reminiscent of paradise, this Gazebo is featured with larger than usual custom posts, cedar shingles, no floor or railings. Two additional Pergolas are attached to both sides of the Gazebo, tripling space and allowing for more fun and relaxation on the holiday. Serving up a backyard feast is no problem when you have an expansive outdoor room like this.

  1. Serve Drinks from a DIY Drinks Station

When we attend a party, we are always excited when we see a fun, DIY decoration or entertaining essential. We love this crafty beverage and paper goods station!

Drink Station idea for Memorial Day party

To create this unique look, you’ll need a large beverage tub, smaller pales, galvanized pipes; connecters; and end caps from a hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot, and J-B Weld for gluing.

Whether your party will be mostly munchkins or 21+, this drink station is made for adult beverages or soda! And, it’s more than a drinking station – it’s a one-stop shop for napkins, cups, and silverware!

  1. Remember Why We Celebrate

The weather is beautiful and you’re surrounded by friends and family on Memorial Day. This special day pays homage to those who have died in service of the U.S. So, make sure you don your red, white, and blue. Your party’s theme could have these colors with accents of stars and stripes. Hang a U.S. flag and display patriotic decorations like our Poly Lumber/Wooden Hybrid Patriotic Lighthouse.

Fifthroom.com's Lighthouse for the ultimate Memorial Day party

The top and base are made from maintenance-free Poly Lumber, which is guaranteed not to crack, chip or rot. And, the lighthouse lights up with a 25-watt light bulb! It would make for a patriotic centerpiece or a focal point at the entrance of your outdoor room.

From all of us at Fifthroom.com, we hope you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Mirror Outside

Mirrors are being used more often for decoration than function inside and outside the home. In many homes, mirrors are found in each room and decorating with them has become as common as hanging photos of your family and friends on the walls.

If you haven’t caught onto this becoming Outdoor Living trend, here are our top reasons why you should hang mirrors in your outdoor space:

  1. Reflection

While mirrors play a highly decorative role, they have an impactful reflective value. No matter if we see ourselves in the mirror or another object, it invokes curiosity. We fell in love with this outdoor space that boasts eight mirrors of varying shapes and sizes.


When hung at different heights, the mirrors reflect different objects – in turn, livening up the mood. We love how the owners paired faux grass with the mirrors, adding a feminine touch to an earthy background.

  1. Impactful Lighting

You may have a beautiful chandelier hanging inside your Gazebo or Ramada, but do your guests only notice it when they happen to look up? If you want to make a statement with your lighting, hang a mirror parallel to the lighting fixture.

The crystals in the chandelier will refract light into prisms of shimmering color. Chances are your lighting is already exquisite if you have a chandelier in place, but this will make your lighting the focal point.

  1. Create the Illusion of Having More Space

Mirrors can be deceiving – it’s not a bad thing, but we can decorate with mirrors in such a way that they show a different effect than what’s real. You can instantly show the effect of having more outdoor space by adding a mirror to your backyard. 

This courtyard just does that – the mirror wall creates the illusion of double the space! And, when your guests feel like they have more space to hang out, they will feel more comfortable and relaxed. Make a small room appear larger by installing mirrored walls, hang individual mirrors on walls, or stand them up along a wall.

  1. Multiply Plants and Structures

Want to instantly double your plant life without getting your hands dirty on yet another Saturday morning? Position a mirror in front of the object you want to multiply and enjoy your luscious garden or concrete statue from various vantage points.


Remember, placing a mirror should be a well thought out plan. Treat it as if it was a piece of furniture. Ask yourself, “Is the mirror in my budget? Does the size of the mirror accentuate my space? Will the mirror fulfill the purpose I want it to have?”

You won’t need a mirror now to ask yourself, “Who’s the luckiest of them all?” With our four reasons to decorate with mirrors outside, you WILL be the luckiest of them all!

If you’re redecorating or even styling your outdoor space for the first time, you’ll need more than simply mirrors to create a fabulous Outdoor Living space. Pair your decorative mirrors alongside Fifthroom.com’s quality Outdoor Structures and Furniture.

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Perry, Florida’s Outdoor Space Makeover

The city of Perry is located in Taylor County, Florida. This city, known as the “Tree Capital of the South,” was desperately in need of an area where the community could gather.

They turned to Fifthroom.com to construct a “Grand Pavilion.” Wait until you see the Before and After photos of this outdoor space – they are remarkable!



This is a “Before” photo taken before installation. All that stood was a sign that read, “Perry Downtown Farmers Market.” In its place, the city decided to install Fifthroom.com’s 60′ x 100′ Treated Pine Double Roof Gazebo.


At the same time the Gazebo installation was taking place, Perry City hired a historic building architect to design canopies and balconies in their downtown area – a family-friendly community hub spot. While the architect was in town, Bob took him to see the construction of the “Grand Pavilion.”

“The architect was stunned at the beauty and craftsmanship of the structure,” says Bob. “He’s probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s and the architect said he has never seen anything built with such grace, quality, and style in his lifetime.”

The installation of the “Grand Pavilion” became the center of conversations. Community members even went out of their way to bring the installers breakfast one morning. The outdoor structure was really gaining traction.

“One of the best contractors in town stopped by and said neither he, nor anyone else in the area could build something with that level of quality and precision,” says Bob. “We’re really impressed and will remain to be as it continues to rise!”

Bob says the workers taught the community a great deal about work ethic and what “quality” means.


When the work crew finished building the “Grand Pavilion,” it was a beautiful sight to see – a true outdoor space makeover. Bob had the option to customize the Gazebo based on the community’s needs. The Gazebo features standard braces, 6/12 roof pitch, Rustic Cedar asphalt shingles, custom paint, 84″ Head Clearance, 8 x 8 Laminated posts, with no deck or railings.


“Everything about this project has exceeded our expectations,” says Bob. “We’re going to miss the crew around here. The entire community is impressed with the quality of the pavilion and the work ethic of the crew! The pavilion is the talk of the town and a landmark for decades to come.”

Are you a city or town in need of a quality, timeless outdoor structure that can gather your community members? Fifthroom.com has you covered – from Gazebos, to Pergolas, to Ramadas, to Pavilions, to Pool Houses, and even Storage Sheds.

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Outdoor Living Trends You Must Incorporate

The National Hardware Show recently released its special report on Outdoor Living Trends for spring and summer 2015. On the list are six trends including a peaked interest in cooking outdoors, uniquely–shaped decks – and kid’s playsets are on the up tick.

It’s also important to note that this season, consumers want outdoor products that promote healthy living, both for themselves and for the planet, according to the Garden Media Group’s annual garden trends report for 2015.

Here are the top three Outdoor Living trends that are on the rise this season:

1. Creating Tranquil Backyard Sanctuaries

“Gardentainment” products are hot this season! Consider installing water fixtures like ornamental ponds and fountains. Zen-inducing items like supplies for fairy and rock gardens are very popular right now.

Try adding one of Fifthroom.com’s Garden Bridges for an instant whimsical feel. Feel the tranquility of our Red Cedar Eden ½ Picket Rail Bridge.

  1. Unique Deck and Patio Designs

According to a 2015 Outdoor Living Forecast compiled by Trex, the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing, unique deck and patio designs are in demand as outdoor living becomes a part of everyday our lives. Trex predicts many decks this season will feature multiple tiers, built-in pergolas, walls that define spaces, and curves.

We recommend customizing a Pergola to fit your needs and so it accentuates your patio. Our 10’ x 10’ Cedar Echoes One Pergola was customized by one of our customers.


It mimics the sophisticated, yet relaxed style of an island resort – on your own turf! The space echoes modern design with its clean and simple look. It will be more than just a patio – it’s where memories will be made for years to come.

  1. The Oh So Popular Outdoor Dining

As soon as the sun peeks out from the clouds, restaurants and homeowners alike adorn their decks and patios with a set of table and chairs. Outdoor Dining remains to be a popular trend this year.

In addition to having a smoker and grill in your outdoor living space, consider an outdoor stone oven or fire pit to create rustic pizzas and homemade breads…outside!

Our Fleur De Lis Fire Pit combines beauty and function. Relax by the fire and roast marshmallows right in your backyard. And, each one is handcrafted. You’ll know because each one is signed and numbered by the craftsman.


Show off your outdoor dining skills by hosting an outdoor dinner party for friends or family. Or, if you want to take it down a notch, grow vegetables in pots on your patio. Go for tomatoes, lettuce, or an herb like basil.

Learn about what other Outdoor Living trends you should incorporate.

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Louisiana Family Builds a Gazebo

Fifthroom.com’s outdoor structures like our Gazebos, Pergolas, and Ramadas are enjoyed by generations of families for years to come. Our outdoor spaces become a family and friend’s gathering spot.

It’s not always the case that families come together to build these products, but one Louisiana family did just that.

Building a Gazebo Together Made Them Stronger

The Pavy family is from Port Barre, Louisiana. They struggled for months planning a family project that would complete the remaining requirement for their son Matthew’s Boy Scouts Family Life Merit Badge.

But, the problem was that their family was busy and scattered across states. With one daughter living out of state, another daughter married – and expecting a baby and living out of town, both their son-in-law and son were in college and working, and with Matt’s hectic senior year at high school, it was a challenge to do a project that the family could accomplish fairly easily and within a certain time frame.

“Family has always been important to all of us,” said Karen Pavy. “With our busy lives sometimes keeping us apart, we wanted this project to be something special that we could all enjoy doing together. “

Karen Pavy
Karen Pavy

Karen’s always wanted to build a Gazebo, so she showed Matt photos of gazebos she had collected years ago. He was excited at the idea of building one for both his project and as a gift for his mother’s upcoming 50th birthday.

“We knew it would be something that would last and be symbolic of our family working and playing together – indeed family life,” said Karen.

The Pavys chose Fifthroom.com’s 14′ Treated Pine Octagon Gazebo. The family built it in just eight hours.

Looking Back

“My family had a lot of fun with this project,” said Matt. “We really enjoy sitting outside under it in the mornings drinking our coffee. It’s very relaxing and it allows us to have more family time.”

Matt Pavy

“We will be able to look back for years to come and know that we all worked on the gazebo – even our unborn first grandchild was there,” said Karen. “The Gazebo compliments our home and has made our backyard seem like a park. It represents family, the culmination of years in Boy Scouts, and dreams of building a Gazebo once put on hold and brought to life by love.”

Karen thanks Fifthroom.com for its help in making this project possible. We supplied the gazebo, but it was the Pavys who really made this an unforgettable project.


Our 14’ Treated Pine Octagon Gazebo is shown here with a 1’x1’ railing, a Cupola, Treated Pine Deck, Standard Braces, Standard Posts, and Cedar Shake Shingles.

Consider building one of our outdoor structures with your family and friends!

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Embrace April Showers With These 3 Ideas

May 1 is already tomorrow? Where did April go? Each year, April seems to pass us by. The long winter drags for months. Then, April arrives. The flowers start to bloom, birds are chirping when we wake, and here comes the rain – a lot of rain.

We are ready for May and all of its beauty – greener grass, bluer skies, and the gardening season! We’re so excited that we created the Pinterest board April Showers Bring May Flowers to show our inspiration for fun April and May gardening and DIY ideas:

Throw an April Baby Shower
If you’re organizing a baby shower, consider having it in April. The theme: ‘Showered with Love.’ Instead of having the traditional blue or pink-colored everything from cookies to plates, opt for this unique idea that throws “umbrellas” and “clouds” into the mix.


April is one month out of the year that we hope for better days, better things to come our way. What better way to celebrate this month by hoping for a precious little one to enter our lives!

We love these shower decorations. From baked cloud-shaped sugar cookies to a water can that acts as a vase to blue paper rain drops, this celebration’s decorations are a fresh, fun take on a popular tradition.

Add a Potting Table
A Potting Table is the essential garden workhorse. They serve two purposes: form and function. They are beautiful, yet will be your most helpful garden accessory.

Instead of working on your potted plant in the yard, bring it up to your level on a table like Fifthroom.com’s Cypress Potting Table.


Crafted from Southern Cypress, this stylish table will be a beautiful and handy addition to your garden!

Turn Your Umbrella Into a Hanging Centerpiece
We love this idea from greenweddingshoes.com.


The upside down umbrella with flowers hanging over its edge is a feminine touch to this rustic outdoor wedding. The hard metal chairs complement the soft, white texture of the umbrella. And the fixture’s hanging plants and blooms are an ode to the warm summer months ahead.

For more inspirational photos and ideas for the upcoming gardening season, check out our full Pinterest board here.

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How to Save Water in Your Home & Yard

Earth Day was just a few days ago and it has us thinking environmentally conscious. While states like Florida have water restrictions and our impact on the Earth is increasing in some rather negative ways, it’s important to save water as much as we can inside our home and out. Here are some ideas you can incorporate now to start living more green:

1. Environmentally-friendly Gardening

Consider selecting drought-tolerant native and non-native plants. Make sure to research local soils in order to ensure the plants will be in the most suitable locations to thrive.


 2. Water Plants Efficiently

When you water plants efficiently, you save water. To do this, apply only enough water to moisten the root zone of your plants – about 6 to 8 inches deep. Allow the soil to dry before watering again. So, for clay soils, you shouldn’t water more than one inch per week.

It also helps to water when the sun goes down. That way, the water will reach your plant’s roots instead of evaporating before it even hits the ground.

3. Use the Rain to Your Advantage

A great way to save water is to install gutters on your roof and direct the rainwater into a rain barrel. Then, connect a hose to the rain barrel to make watering nearby plants easy.

Also, try guiding water from the roof into a large pot on the porch to save even more water. Try Fifthroom.com’s Planter Tub that can hold 18 gallons!


4. Saving Water Indoors is Key

About eight percent of water used inside the home takes place in the kitchen. There are a few things you can do to save water in your kitchen:

  • Save 20 gallons of water per dishwasher load by not rinsing dishes before loading them.
  • Wash only full loads in the dishwasher. The same goes for when you’re washing laundry!
  • If you’re in the market to purchase a new dishwasher, think about going with a water-saving model. Newer models save up to 25 percent less water than older ones.

If you are looking for more green products, Fifthroom.com’s Polywood furniture is made from recycled plastics.

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