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Monogram It

Nothing says sophistication in décor quite like a monogram.  We’ve all seen monogrammed towels, monogrammed dishes or silverware, even monogrammed bedding.  Monograms are just as popular as ever, and they’re still found in all of the places listed above.  But if you want to add a monogram to your décor today, there are a myriad of think-outside-the-box ways to do so.  Here are three of my favorites.

First up, why not take monogrammed bedding a step further, and monogram a headboard?  That’s right.  Adding a monogram to a headboard is a fun way to add personalization to a bedroom.  And if the room happens to be shared by two, it is a great way to delineate individual spaces while maintaining a cohesive look.  The monograms on these headboards were created by using felt and fabric glue which is an extremely easy (and economical) way to create a customized look.

Next, try adding interest to a typical gallery wall with the addition of monograms.  By throwing in a couple of different versions of a family monogram you can add a bit of whimsy and interest to a wall grouping.

Finally, if you don’t have the budget to purchase monogrammed tableware or linens, try adding a similar feel by creating your own monogrammed table runner.  It’s as simple as purchasing some fabric transfer paper, printing a monogram on it, and then ironing it onto a table runner.  Voila!  The sophistication of a monogram without the investment.

If you love the look of a monogram, why not try incorporating it into your décor in a new or unusual way?  These three suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg.  Use your imagination and you’ll find ways to add a monogram to just about any type of home décor you can think of.

~Wendy Hyde


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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for me. This is my birthday month (yes month.. wink!).. so ending the month with a lovely holiday that celebrate family and friends is the icing on the cake for me!  My fall ends the day after Thanksgiving so I love to decorate in November with fall items.

These little plaques will be so cute decorating my side board. Or you could hang them on a canvas. If you don’t have the machine to do the shapes, then try tracing a shape from a coloring book or check your local craft store for premade shapes!  One that you can do is a cute pilgrim hat which you could easily draw.

I adore these pilgrims! They also have a lovely cornucopia, a fabulous turkey and a harvest with pumpkin and corn.   I think there is plenty of time to stitch one and put pretty fall fabrics on either side for a table top runner. Or use several of them!  Send me a photo if you do this.. I want to see!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving decoration that you put out? I have a really nice set salt and pepper shakers that I love to use just this month!


pat sloan http://www.blog.patsloan.com

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Leftovers, anyone?

Do you suffer from leftovers? Leftover yarn that is? I know that whenever I do a yarn project I have these little bits – or bigger bits – of yarn that will not go with anything.

I could wrap packages.

I could use them for string to make a banner.

Or I could check out All Free Crochet where they have ideas for using up your leftovers – this rocks my boat!

This photo is a recent snapshot of my leftovers… so what could I make?

How about his “Blossom Necklace?”  I really like how delicate it is. It is a way to use my yarn that is a bit more like string.  Those were a gift and I’m never sure what to do with them. I think I found the project!


I adore this preemie hat. Alli has other projects at all free crochet, this one is on her blog. I like it because if you don’t have enough yarn for a whole hat you can do rows of different colors. Brilliant!

Here are some more patterns to use up your leftovers at all free crochet. Just put the name in the search box.

  1. Dread Head
  2. Button Flap Beanie – Preemie
  3. Pretty Little Headband
  4. Sunny Skies Dishcloth
  5. Anthropologie Knockoff Headband
  6. Cell Phone Wrist Pouch
  7. Jolene Sugarbaker Wristies
  8. Red Rose Brooch

Do you have a lot of yarn bits too?

pat sloan

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Elements of a Successful Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a perfect way to display cherished family photos or a collection of prized artwork.  They are also extremely popular in current decorating trends.  In order for a gallery wall to be successful, however, it takes more than just placing pictures on the wall in a group.  By incorporating the following tips, you can easily create a gallery wall that will both showcase your prized photos or art, and be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.


  1. Plan your content.  This might seem like a no brainer, but a successful gallery wall takes planning.  Start by planning the content of your gallery wall.  Do you want to include photos of your family?  Would you like to showcase artwork?  Perhaps you’d like a combination of both.  Just make sure that you find a unifying theme in your content so that the wall itself makes sense to those who view it.


  1. Pick your frames.   Once you’ve decided on the content of your gallery wall, you’ll want to figure out the best way to frame it.  Although mismatched frames can work well in an eclectic setting, gallery walls generally look the best when the frames coordinate with one another.   Although your frames need not match exactly, they tend to look better when they are the same color.   Make sure, however, to vary the sizes of the frames to help create movement and interest.


  1. Consider adding unexpected items.  When you think of gallery walls, photos generally come to mind, however, adding an unexpected item here or there can add variety and interest to a typical gallery display.  Think three dimensional items such as the monogram pictured here.  The addition of something unexpected will make your display that much more dynamic.

If you’ve been considering creating a gallery wall, but find the task a bit daunting, delay no more.  By incorporating the ideas shared here, you can easily create a gallery wall that will display your cherished photos or artwork in a beautiful and interested way.


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Planner Love

I was cruising Tip Junkie at the right time right place… I need a new a new way/process for organizing my birthday cards. And it should be cute. The hand written log and mish mash of google calendar reminders is not cutting it. I narrowly escaped being worst Auntie of the year by a few days recently and do not want to forget another important day!  So where was I? Oh yeah.. I was looking around the net and found this Birthday organizer and it is a near perfect fit for me! PLUS she gives you a ton of info on auto reminders and such.. race you to print it!!


Then because I’m an organization freak.. to put it nicely.. I went look around and found this other birthday reminder. Very cute, simple and for those who are something straight forward.


A bit more searching and I discovered this clip board reminder. I have a clipboard.. and it’s not as cute as this! I think it’s great for a family as you can hang it in your office or panty and everyone can easily find it! (in theory mind you)


And I want to share one last sheet that is a free download. It is a weekly planner sheet and the drawings are so darn adorable I can hardly stand it!! Now I want to follow Arian’s blog… her art is amazing! http://ariansstudio.blogspot.com/2010/01/free-weekly-planner_14.html


How is your planner system? Are you a digital and paper person? Can’t resist a remake like me?

– pat sloan



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