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What’s in Your Fifthroom?

Close your eyes and picture it – your ultimate Fifthroom. What does it look like? Where would it be? Is it a space inside your home, or an outdoor retreat?

A fifthroom can be any space you choose – indoors or outdoors – that is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The possibilities are endless.

Not sure what kind of fifthroom is right for you? Let’s explore some options that are not only popular now, but will remain a solid investment for years to come.

Pergolas are a wise choice if you’re looking to create an outdoor fifthroom. They can be used in many ways. As an attachment to an existing structure – such as the back porch of your home – they can enhance what is already there. As a free-standing structure, pergolas also can be used anywhere you desire. With the right furniture, lighting and décor, you can create the perfect ambiance for you and your guests.

Gazebos also make a nice outdoor fifthroom, and can be decorated to suit your specific needs. Interested in an outdoor dining area that is protected from inclement weather? A gazebo is perfect for insuring you and your guests will enjoy a meal outdoors no matter what the weather. Thinking more along the lines of relaxing instead of eating? Fill your gazebo with some comfortable outdoor furniture and enjoy a book or even a nap!

Thinking more along the lines of an enclosed outdoor room? A sunroom may be the perfect choice for you. They can be attached to an existing structure – such as your home – or designed to be a free-standing building elsewhere on your property.

Still not sure what is right for you? Visit our website and try out our unique design tools, which allow you to create your structure based on the features you desire.

~Shari Berg

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